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Anonymous: I LOVE your artwork, it is absolutely amazing. I love how you draw the characters, and the color sheme. I seriously just love everything!! Please keep doing what you're doing as long as you enjoy doing it!! :3 Have a lovely day!!

thank you so much kind anon, it gives me confidence to know I have support like this! i want to print this message out and hang it up by my desk to keep me motivated ♥

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ah-rah: For the colour pallete thing, Kaiba with #16 please xD


Hidden Feelings

Thank you so much for your request Hai-an! ♥  I knew my Kaiba would look like Light Yagami

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kriis-chan: Sasuke +8? <3


"The name of this Jutsu is ‘Kirin’

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megillien: Oh, I'm so glad you're doing the colour palette meme too! Can I request Izumi Nase from Kyoukai no Kanata + 7, please? :D


I’ve never watched this anime so I referenced this beautiful gif of Izumi! Thanks for the suggestion