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Wow, so my Levi art I posted only yesterday has over 2000 notes and I’ve accumulated 300+ followers…?! This is a lot for me and I feel I should do something special ! I guess I’ll do an art raffle again, so:

Send me an ask with an art request and then I’ll use a random number generator to pick which one I draw! (?) I’ll probably do this within the next couple of days

PRO TIP: Draw when youre depressed because apparently you make good stuff

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luhanimnida: um hello i think i fell in love with your levi wow can he marry me please

hahaha thank you so much! ah yes, i love levi too but he does not seem the marrying type — may i suggest a dakimakura? ♥

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Anonymous: I LOVE your artwork, it is absolutely amazing. I love how you draw the characters, and the color sheme. I seriously just love everything!! Please keep doing what you're doing as long as you enjoy doing it!! :3 Have a lovely day!!

thank you so much kind anon, it gives me confidence to know I have support like this! i want to print this message out and hang it up by my desk to keep me motivated ♥

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ah-rah: For the colour pallete thing, Kaiba with #16 please xD


Hidden Feelings

Thank you so much for your request Hai-an! ♥  I knew my Kaiba would look like Light Yagami

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